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the 'task and setup' app
Search '
VSBL' in your app store to download

What is VSBL?

VSBL is an 'task and set up' app helping our team easily serve our guest and each other. 

This app will help us with the the following:

  • Checklist - Through the app, you can see checklist such as 'Opening and Closing the restaurant' and 'Food Safety'. A checklist is a series of everyday tasks.

  • Set Ups - This show which position you will be working right from the app. 

  • Task - You can see certain assigned tasks to completed during your shift. A task is a specific work to be completed during your shift.

  • Inputing Waste - We can track food waste to help us be a more sustainable and waste free restaurant 

  • Disciplinary Point System - Accountability to ensure we are dependable and helping each other provide a great experience for our guest and each other.

  • Break Management - All breaks can be managed from the app.  

Your Action Item

  • Search for 'VSBL' in your app store and download the app. A leader will help you understand the app during your first day of work. 

Team Leader 'how to'
Below is a 'how to' guide for team leaders

How do I create a Set Up?

  1. Log in to your VSBL App

  2. Tap on the + sign (home tab)

  3. Tap on “Setups”

  4. Tap on “+ New Setups”

  5. Select the date, area of the restaurant (FOH or BOH)

  6. Select the Setup time (5am-2 Opening or 2pm-11pm Closing)

  7. Click on “Build Set Up” when finished.

VSBL - Setups.png

How do I assign Tasks or Checklists?

  1. Tap on Checklist or Task on the right side of each position

  2. Once tapped, select which checklist or write in what task must be completed.

  3. Click “Save” and continue adding more checklists or tasks, or simply complete setup.

*You may also assign Checklists or Tasks by tapping on the + home button and viewing under the “Assign” category. 

1. Here you will add the date first
2. Assign an employee
3. Assign the checklist
4. Click assign. 

What is a 'Playbook' and how do I use it?

A playbook is simply saving a setup layout that works great for you, and recalling it later to implement on future setup builds. Saving a play will allow you to also keep any checklist on any position they were originally assigned to.

 Note: You must first complete a setup to use this feature.

Screen Shot 2023-01-16 at 5.06.12 PM.jpeg
Screen Shot 2023-01-16 at 5.06.46 PM.jpeg

How do I manage breaks?

  1. Tap on your + Home tab

  2. Tap on Setups

  3. Choose top left option “Breaks”

  4. Choose from your available breaks and tap go on the individual team member you will be sending on break.

  5. Tap on “GO”

Important: A team member may appear more than once based on the amount of breaks they are legally required to take.

How do I add or remove waste?

VSBL will allow you to not only input waste data, but also monitor the reports.


Using Waste


  1. Tap on your + Home tab

  2. Tap on “Setups”

  3. Tap on “Waste”

  4. Slide left or right to pick the category and product.


Collecting date and reports


  1. Tap on your + Home tab

  2. Tap on “Setups”

  3. Tap on “Reports”

  4. Select “Waste”

  5. Select how you want to view the report such as

    1. By weight

    2. Specific dates

    3. Product

    4. Daypart

    5. Donations

Assigned Leader inputs waste from VSBL to inForm. 

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