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Uniform & Grooming

The Team Member Standard

  • Red polo

  • Name tag ($5 if lost)

  • Black Pants

  • Socks (not white)

  • Black belt

  • Black non-slip/slip-resistant shoes

  • Black or White long sleeve shirt allowed under uniform

  • No non-Chick-fil-A jackets 

  • Hair/Beard Net (BOH)

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Screenshot 2022-12-31 at 10.57.22 PM.png

Uniform Questions

Can I purchase a new/extra polo/pants etc?
Yes, you can purchase using the link on our website.

What if I forgot my name tag/ belt?
You will be documented for a uniform violation and will lose a break meal for the day, however, you may purchase a new name tag for $5 to avoid the violation. 

What if I forgot/don’t have my polo/pants/ non-slip shoes/socks?
You will be sent home and unable to work your shift, and it will be documented.

You could also choose not to come in for your shift, but you will also be documented for missing your shift unless you are able to find someone to cover your shift.
If you forget your socks or your non-slip shoes, you will also be sent home, and a uniform violation will be documented.

Can I wear a hat? 
Currently, a CFA-issued hat is not a requirement; however, if you choose to purchase one, it cannot be worn backward, and it can however be substituted for a hairnet.

If I am cold can I wear a jacket?
Only CFA-issued jackets are allowed. You may order them on this website. You are allowed to wear a solid black or white long sleeve shirt under your uniform.

My new belt is too big?
Check out the video to adjust your new belt.

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