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Cash Management

Team Leader 'How to'

Purpose - To provide accountability and accuracy when handling cash.

Cash Handling Required Best Practices 

  • Be good stewards with cash. No tills left unattended. Safe must remained closed when not in use.

  • One team member per till. No mixing tills. If you need to send mobile cash on a 10 minute break, you must close their till. 

  • Mobile Cash Pickups = $400. The mobile cash team member must verify team leader is picking up $400. Team leader must print the pick up receipt from mobile cash and print receipt from the smart safe. Both receipts much match $400. In the event there is $800 to be picked up, team leader must do two $400 deposits. 

  • Counting Drawers / Setting Tills. After counting a drawer to $150, team leaders must deposit in smart safe first then settle tills regardless of if the register is over or short. This can all be reviewed as the end of the evening with the Daily Sales Report

    • Script to team member (cash shortage) - ​

      • "We want to ensure accuracy when counting drawers. It looks your drawer is $XX short. We are record this shortage. As always, please be sure to be very careful when handling cash." ​

      • Complete Google From

  • Daily Sales Report - The closing lead must review the Daily Sales Report and fill out the Cash Over Short Form.

    • 1.) Inform->Reports->Daily Sales Report->Generate PDF 

    • 2.) Review Cash Over and Cash Short column then follow the Cash Over Short Form

How to Count Change Fund 

  • Count Change Fund 3 Times Per Day (Morning, Mid, Closing)

  • Enter Count amounts in the Change Fund Tracker in Google Sheets 

  • Log into Inform and enter the amount counted (Morning and Closing)

  • If there is more than five hundred in large bills (ie. 100s, 50s, 20) in Change Fund, deposit it into the smart safe and enter around deposited into InForm. Only do this once per day max.  

Click Here for Video on how to count Change Fund

How to Settle and Deposit Tills

  • Count Drawers Before and After Shift to ($149.50 - $150.49). Two people will need to count drawer (Team Leader and Team Member)

    • First Count down to $150 before making any change ($1s, $5s, and Coin Rolls) then remove the rest ​

    • Fill out Cashier Till Report 

    • Print Cashier Report (Team Leader) and show expected amount. 

    • If cash counted = expected amount (within $2), Settle Till 

    • Deposit Cash into Smart Safe 

    • Staple Smart Safe Receipt to Cashier Report and Place into 'Cashier Receipts' bin 

Click Here for Video on how to settle and deposit tills

How to do End of Day Process

  • Log into Smart Safe -> Reports -> Reprint End of Day -> Choose Business Day you are closing. It will print a report.

  • Log into InForm -> Click Deposits and enter the information on receipt into "Deposits" tab in InForm -> Confirm Deposit 

  • Finalize Day 

Click Here for Video on how to do End of Day Process

How to prepare a Courier Visit

  • Tuesday and Friday Morning 

    • Before They Arrive - Prepare Sealed Bag -> Fill out Deposit Slip -> Seal Back with Slip and Money 

    • During The Visit - Give Courier Manuel Deposit -> Have Courier Sign Consignment Log 

      • If they deliver Change Fund​ -> perform a visual check -> sign handheld device. Confirm and count Change Fund received in Inform  

Click Here for Video on how to do a Courier Visit 

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